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From Hexo to Gatsby

What you are looking at right now is my website, completely rebuilt in Gatsby.js - static page generator for react.js sites. Here are my impressions for far.


The major purpose of the migration was to play around with new tools and try to improve te homepage using the PRPL pattern. That goal was accomplished and I've gained a nice overview of several of the framework's features.


I will only mention, that I have chosen Gatsby thanks to it's tremendous support of React framework. In last several months I have been using the framework on a daily basis for last several months and enjoy it a lot.


At the first sight Gatsby looks like it's well documented. Unfortunately I haven't found it helpful in problem solving at all. It is very shallow - doesn't cover topics in detail.

Live reload

This part surprised me the most - the live reload is amazing. Under a second after each save you may enjoy the power of React and smart data access in Gatsby to have only a tiny part of the page reloaded. My jaw dropped!


I like the idea of starters, which simplify getting started with the engine and contain some initial code, that otherwise would have landed in plugins or themes (and only added to the dependency hell).

Bye bye Hexo

Hexo is a wonderful tool and I have enjoyed using it for quite a while now. It supported DRY structure and easy plugin system. I higly recommend checking it out, but now it's the time to learn something new.

[edit] and back!

After couple of weeks of using Gatsby, a big relief was going back to hexo! Every single plugin was a pain and it was hard even to add a out of the box JS script containing the EU cookies consent...

Published 23 Jan 2018