I am a generalist software engineer and a goal-oriented leader. Currently I work on my own projects, mentor IT managers, tech leads and train software engineers.

What I would brag about if you asked me:

  • At Google Cloud I managed the critical feature-flag system creation and it's adoption
  • Improved how many Software Engineers' skills are verified by inventing a task creation and execution platform at Codility
  • As a CTO co-led the transition of a bootstrapped company, to successful growth including solid VC founding at Codility
  • At Growbots I was able to go from an unstable team and PoC product to a rapidly growing company just within 12-months
  • I managed the team of 40+ engineers at Polidea (a Warsaw-based software house) to a wide recognition among the mobile development community and great open source contributions
  • As a trainer I taught over 400 engineers and tech leads how to get the most out of git, Python, JVM, software architecture, Agile and other methodologies.
  • In the Polish tech community I organised over 50 meetups, 5 conferences and workshops, where over 5000 individuals combined learned, networked and grew their careers!

If you:

  • Consider one of my trainings
  • Looking for a mentor/coach
  • Want to hire me
  • Would like to discuss your career opportunities
  • Simply wish to talk

contact me at wojtek at erbetowski.pl.