Presentation proposals

Short bio

Wojtek trusts in people. He always supports individuals and communities to learn and grow.

He spent a decade coding in a variety of languages (strongest in JVM, Python, Node.js). He was leading teams of developers, designers and testers as a Head of Engineering at Polidea and CTO at Growbots.

Wojtek was building many tech communities, e.g. Warsaw JUG, Mobile Warsaw, PyWaw Summit, Mobile Central Europe, Warsjawa and HackWAW.

Currently, he focuses on community and training people in the tech industry.

My speaker’s qualifications

Multiple presentations on both technical and soft topics for wide audiences. Starting with local meetup groups, through local events and conferences to international events (33rd Degree, GeeCON, Java2Days, NordicAPIs, Endpointcon).


Whenever needed, you may use my image from Gravatar service. The base link is but you may use s parameter to choose the proper size, e.g. for size of 400px (square).