Make It Stick - notes

I have just finished listening to Make it stick audiobook. I want to sum it up with this blog post.

But since this book heavily influenced the way I’m gaining new knowledge, the review will be in a form of a quiz, which I should be able to solve, if I remember and understand the key points of the book.

Answering the questions I prove to myself, that I have successfully learnt the content.

Also you can check out my opinion on Audible about the book.

Here are the questions:

  • What is the most common and natural way of strengthening the knowledge (based on a written materials)? Why do people trust, it is effective?

[^comment]: # Reading the material multiple times. Supported by confirmation bias. Whenever you hit an information that you read before, you think you have that knowledge available. Taking a test on the subject often shows the opposite.

  • What is the alternative method, described in the book? How would you compare their effectiveness? What are the reasons for this?

[^comment]: # Quizzing yourself. It works much better than re-reading the material according to a number of studies. Synapses are strengthen by retrieval process (answering questions). It’s better to have open question over closed ones.

  • What is spacing? How does it affect quizzing?

[^comment]: # Studies show, that you should perform multiple quiz over longer and longer periods of time. Right after -> after a week -> a month -> …

  • Should you mix different topics during learning, or focus at one of them at a time and move on after finished?

[^comment]: # Interleaving learning and getting back to it seems unnatural and uncomfortable, therefore it builds an illusion of ineffectiveness. Use interleaving for more effective learning. Split the topic in parts, and mix it with different topics (often uncorrelated).

  • What are mnemonic devices?

[^comment]: # Tools, which may help you in memorizing new knowledge. Book showed an example of a man, that memorized 3-digit-long strings as single word, which let him quickly memorize long numbers (by these threes).

  • Why it is helpful to give new ideas extra meaning?

[^comment]: # When you attach new knowledge to an existing one (additional meaning) you gain an extra path to retrieve that knowledge.

  • Is your intuition helpful, on discovering which knowledge have you possessed, and which you need to work on?

[^comment]: # It might even be harmful. Use objective quizzing to test your knowledge. Illusion of knowing may confuse you.

Answers would be spoiling, but if you’re interested… use the source, Luke!