Wojtek Erbetowski

Make It Stick - notes

I have just finished listening to Make it stick audiobook. I want to sum it up with this blog post.

But since this book heavily influenced the way I'm gaining new knowledge, the review will be in a form of a quiz, which I should be able to solve, if I remember and understand the key points of the book.

Answering the questions I prove to myself, that I have successfully learnt the content.

Also you can check out my opinion on Audible about the book.

Here are the questions:

  • What is the most common and natural way of strengthening the knowledge (based on a written materials)? Why do people trust, it is effective?
  • What is the alternative method, described in the book? How would you compare their effectiveness? What are the reasons for this?
  • What is spacing? How does it affect quizzing?
  • Should you mix different topics during learning, or focus at one of them at a time and move on after finished?
  • What are mnemonic devices?
  • Why it is helpful to give new ideas extra meaning?
  • Is your intuition helpful, on discovering which knowledge have you possessed, and which you need to work on?

Answers would be spoiling, but if you're interested... use the source, Luke!