Hurray to 33rd

So it starts like last year’s. Woo-hoo I love 33rd Degree conference. I could copy most things from last relation, so let me focus on couple concrete talks. This is my Top 5:

5. Robert C. Martin Demanding Professionalism

Uncle Bob

Shocking that he’s not no. 1 here. Shocking he didn’t get all 5 positions here, right? Am I a fan? Well, who isn’t?

His talks could be fun for newcomers, but most of us know his speeches already and he didn’t say almost anything new (the LASER starter is not new to us any more). I liked the iPhone metaphor, but “demanding professionalism” should mean more that just fast builds.

The most valuable thing I think I’ve got from that talk is actually… a photo with Uncle Bob.

On the other hand it’s the usual when you’re expecting too much from a talk and then comes the reality…

Well, it’s still great he came to Poland :-) I wish he came next year!


4. Raffi Krikorian Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM


The news about Twitter JVM romance is there for a long time, so we (Java devs) should be already pretty familiar with that fact, but seeing the numbers is still amazing. It was a well prepared presentation for awesomely interesting subject. And I was expecting the leader of Ruby to JVM migration to hate Ruby more, but he wasn’t. That’s a nice thing he sees pros and cons of solution with such a distance.

3. Jurgen Appelo How to Change the World

Jurgen Appelo

I have to admin, I’ve never heard about this guy before. But Grzesiek gave him the keynote, so he must be good.

He started with putting himself in a light of a total life failures. You think - hmmmm, so why do I listen to that guy? I don’t wont to follow his steps… But then the main content comes, the guy is great, extremely motivating and energetic. Exactly something I’ve needed for the conference ending.

2. Sławomir Sobótka Ścisły przewodnik po aspektach miękkich dla ekspertów IT (Polish)

"Sławek Sobótka"

It’s a pleasure to see Sławek so well prepared! This guy is taking things seriously, how much practice does it take to prepare such talk, I wonder.

He took us for a little trip through the steps of learning process, with many digressions to a human brain’s characteristics. Funny, dynamic talk, with lots of thing to remember and more to think through.


1. Venkat Subramaniam for the whole conference


Last year’s no. 1 is my 1. this year as well. Even knowing the subject well I still didn’t want to miss any of his talks. Venkat is a fame of 33rd conference and it’s easy to tell why - you get full pockets of his dynamism and go back to work with tons of motivation to make changes :-) especially the throw-away-java kind of changes.

He’s a very positive person so don’t miss the chance to talk to him between the talks if he comes (I’m sure he’ll be invited) next year if you haven’t this year.

Kudos to Grzesiek Duda to the 33rd degree once again! It’s hard to make the expectations after such a good event last year and you made it! Thanks again!