Wojtek Erbetowski

PlayFramework at Confitura 2011 conference


I have given a speech titled: <strong>Play!Framework - ewolucja w świecie aplikacji webowych</strong> (Play!Framework - evolution in web applications world) dedicated to a <a href="http://playframework.org/">Java/Scala web development framework</a>, showing participants some advantages (and disadvantages) of this tool. Play have already been there for a while, so most of you have probably already heard of it.

Presentation was 60 minutes long and I assume there were ~150 participants. I used Prezi as presentation tool and official Play's screencast to present basic coding patterns.



PlayFramework is a young web development framework for Java and Scala. It throws away some fundamental Java world solutions (like Servlets) in advance to provide extremely robust development environment. This presentation answers to couple basic question each developer would ask about a new framework. It shows PlayFramework's MVC fundamentals, dynamic reloading and build system.

Full stack web development framework is a subject more for a training than a short lecture, so many topics will be at most just mentioned during 60 minute talk. That's why I let participants choose topics they want to hear about. Seeing a round of options with small sub-presentation connected to each seemed a great idea for this purpose.


About two weeks after I got a survey filled by participants. Thanks to that I could see how bad idea was to use official PlafFramework's screencast. On the other hand the second part of the lecture felt a lot better.


You can see the full video at Vimeo.

Me speaking at Cofitura 2011

Me speaking at Cofitura 2011

Crowdy opening

Crowdy opening