Confitura 2011 summary

Right now I’m on the last lecture of Confitura 2011, so it’s the time to write a summary.

First things first - great thanks to organizers! Javars… Confitura is a great and huge conference and it isn’t easy to make it all work. Thank guys (and girls).

And what did go wrong? Where the hell is my coffee?! Why couldn’t I get a cup of coffee during a lecture? I have to wait until some special break? C’mon! It is the first time you couldn’t drink coffee on a Java conference I remember. Another (and last) thing I’m complaining about is the food - it was weak and it was hard to find some place to eat it.

<off-topic> At this moment a guy sitting next to me after noticing I’m writing memos suggested me to write that it’s stuffy and I fully agree. But I’ve never seen anyone solving problem of 1-2 hundred people sharing air in one room. :-( </off-topic>

And now the lectures: first in the morning was the keynote given by WorldIT Systems guy. I’m gonna remember two things:

  • He showed that server cost per performance is underlinear (1 big computer costs less that two small) - I always believed the opposite
  • He showed us the ease of vertical optimization as the future, not horizontal, as we see it.
Somehow I just don’t buy it.

[huh - I didn’t make the whole memo that day, so I am finishing it couple of days later, after cooling down]

Next one - Jakub Koperwas with webapps security. Some basic knowledge for beginners, too much about SQL injection (believe or not - we know not to concatenate strings for queries already). And when some more interesting examples were coming to the day light he ran out of time. Good luck next time - I hope to see other examples :-)

I picked Adam and Tomek with the Amazon cloud stuff as last presentation before lunch, and I picked them because I didn’t want to risk :-) I knew that they are going to give a very good show with possible live coding and they didn’t disappointed me. It was the best presentation I that day.

I wanted to prepare a bit for my presentation, so I picked the smallest room with jPalio lecture. For me it’s an awful tool (just making people to use not their favourite IDE is enough not to use it). I wish I went for Paweł’s or Jarek’s sessions that were on the same time, I heard a lot better comments on them.

Last session - Mateusz Grzechociński. I picked it up because I am about to start some Android development and so I choose everything connected to Android lately. Mateusz has a lot of useful knowledge, but it was hard for me to understand problems he meant.

That’s it, I will surely participate next year and I’m waiting for this years videos.

And I am curious - organizers kept saying carefully that this is the biggest free Java conference in Poland. Isn’t that true that this is the biggest free European Java conference and one of the 2-3 biggest Java events in Europe (not necessarily free?).