Wojtek Erbetowski

33rd Degree + Scala Community Talk

<a title="33rd Degree" href="http://2012.33degree.org/">33rd degree</a> is where the Java Community is right now. Kudos to Grzegorz Duda once again. I enjoyed few talks already (the great Venkat, long awaited non-blocking architecture in Play2 and the 'must' Raffi Krikorian with Twitter to JVM migration). Right now there's a talk from Zeroturnaround about the LiveRebel and the continous delivery.

I've you're interested with Scala (or just curious) join us today @ BOF (Scala community talk) ~ 5.10 PM, just after Rebelion Beer Party. We'll show a bit of state of the art in Scala world together with <a title="Venkat Subramaniam" href="http://2012.33degree.org/speaker/show/3" target="_blank">Venkat Subramaniam</a> and <a title="Sadek Drobi" href="http://2012.33degree.org/speaker/show/43">Sadek Drobi</a>.

Feel invited :-) <!--break-->